The Lure of LOVE
Super Woman Meets Superman
Redhead and Rothko (Red, Brown, and Black)
Ahead of Ellsworth Kelly's White Curve VII
Admiring Monet
Monet Moment 3
Monet Moment
Monet Moment 2
Man Meets Rothko at the Met
Pink Shoes Step Up to Vija Celmins' "Flying Fortress"
Sharing a Moment of Silence with Hopper
Man Meets Magritte's 'Son of Man'
Still in the Mood for Monet
Into Richter's Wood
Red and Blue Meet Mondrian's 'Composition in Red, Blue & White II'
Seeing What You See in Stella
Entering Stella's Space
Standard Time
Engaging with Ellsworth Kelly ('Red Green 1968') at MOMA
A Moment with Marden at MOMA
Spring Springs Eternal
Unfinished at the Met Breuer - Lady with Orange Purse and Blue Hat puts Finishing Touch on Turner's 'Sun Setting Over a Lake'"
"Ahead of the Curve - Admiring Ellsworth Kelly's 'Red Curve' at the National Gallery
"Seeing Stella"
Wandering into Pierre Bonnard's World
In The Pink with Rothko
Admiring Mondrian "Composition in White, Black, Red"
"Pink Meets Pollock at the Whitney"
Man, Superman, and "3 Machines"
Hanging Out with Haring
Warming to Rothko
Celebrating Ellsworth Kelly
Point of View - Viewing Diebenkorn's "View From The Porch"
Reverence for Rothko
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